Main Line Office


Black & Poole is a Philadelphia-based design firm founded in 2009 with a reputation for integrated work; starting with interior design and blending collaborations within architecture, product and furniture design to create unified projects.  The firm has designed a range of residential projects across the country as well as unique restaurant concepts locally in Philadelphia.  Valuing integrative work, Black & Poole has a wide range of collaborators who are always flowing in and out of the home office. Makers, craftsmen, designers, artists, architects and engineers offer assets that together are greater than what founder Gretchen Kubiak ever imagined possible.Striving for that special connection with their clients, Black & Poole is notoriously and relentlessly committed to getting to know all the things about every project they set upon designing.  The texture, feeling, and emotional connection our clients have to their projects is uniquely tapped into by Gretchen and her team.  

It’s not about what Black & Poole alone can do to make your project come to life.  No matter how loud and wild or quiet and simple, it’s about where we can go together.  You point the way and we will devise a path to take you there. 



Launching Black & Poole in 2009, Gretchen has slowly built the business to incorporate a mix of talents as well as project capability.  Always looking to streamline the process of design through collaboration of trades, Gretchen is pushing Black & Poole in the direction of an all encompassing dynamic that will allow clients ideas to freely flow through one creative process.  This approach comes from a mind best suited to solving problems.  Gretchen is an inquisitive leader that wants her staff and clients to feel empowered to envision anything, believing there is a way to make anything happen.    


Chris Hansen has been an active member of the Philadelphia design community for nearly 13 year.  He comes to us with experience designing along side some of the cities most talented designers.  Eager to make his own mark, Chris obtained a BS and MS in Interior Architecture from Drexel University in an effort to deliver both style and precision in his work.